How it all began... Michael O'Hara in pre-volleyball days

Beach volleyball players strategize under umbrellas The sport spread east, to the Santa Monica Beach Club

That's Miss California in the middle! Right to left: Mike O'Hara, Mike Bright, Gene Selznick, Ron Lang

The Hall of Fame! The 2nd Athlete inducted into the VB Hall of Fame, Oct. 1993

A volleyball superstar! Inspired by Mike, Poland's Stan Gosciniak decides that the law of gravity does not apply to him.

Swimmin' pools and movie stars! Michael O'Hara and Don McMahan pose with an admiring fan

Big Smiles! in 2001, Mike helped organize the 1st ever FIVB Int'l Women's Beach VB Championships in Hong Kong!

Yokahama Stadium US vs Bulgaria at the Tokyo Olympics - That's Mike in mid-air!

volleyball's new cousin? Olympians Paul Sunderland & Rita Crockett playing Wallyball 1987

Does Ryan remind you of anybody? Team Cup Volleyball at the Great Western Forum - Tim Hovland spiking from right, Eric Sato digging posture and Ryan O'Hara linesman deep in left backcourt

Mike has won Manhattan Beach 5 times! Ryan O'Hara (spiking) and Dad Mike defeat Butch May, 1968 Volleyball Olympian and All World Volleyballer Gene Selznick at Manhattan Beach Exhibition in summer 1987 by score of 11-9

but can Ted play volleyball? Mike and Ted Turner at the 1986 Goodwill Games in Moscow

keeper of the flame Mike O'Hara, the 1964 Olympian with the 1996 Olympic Torch!

beach volleyball history Outrigger Canoe Club, Honolulu, Hawaii - the birthplace of beach volleyball!

Michael O'Hara receives a trophy AAF/Navy All Tournament Team 1955

just a year before the Moscow 1980 Olympics Mike O'Hara interviewing Peter Ueberroth-President LAOOC in Moscow, 1979

The Secret of Mike's success... Mike and Arlen O'Hara in the Hall of Fame, 1989

Sinjin doesn't put much stock in that gravity stuff, either. Sinjin Smith, another volleyball legend

Wilt Chamberlain just looks tall in this picture because the other guys are so short. The organizers of The IVA (International Volleyball Association)

of course there was a press conference! Press conference for first ever FIVB Int'l Women's Beach VB Championships (won by Brazil, w/USA 2nd & Chile 3rd, and held in 2001, two weeks before the 9/11/01 NYC bombing disaster!

New Hampshire Real Estate Mike at the 2004 Athens Olympics with Clarence Chang

from USA Today Even politicians love Wallyball!

Peter Victor Ueberroth Michael O'Hara concept of new building on the UCLA campus for '84 Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for a several million dollar contribution from UCLA, at the end of the '84 Games

the good old days Outrigger doubles champs: Bill Cross, Pat Wyman, Dr. Jim Beardmore, Pat O'Conner

Citius, Altius, Fortius... Mike, Madame Berlioux, IOC Executive Secretary, and Peter Ueberroth, 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee President

Mike has won Manhattan Beach 5 times!Team Cup Volleyball-Randy Stoklos, Mike Dodd, Ricci Luyties, SinjinSmith. Ryan O'Hara calling lines.

Mike has won Manhattan Beach 5 times!Doubles partners Pat Wyman and Tom Haine

Volleyball was an instant hit at the OutriggerVolleyball was an instant hit at the Outrigger with men, women and children participating!

Duke Kahanamoku at the OutriggerA group of Outrigger members pose for a photograph on the volleyball court. Duke Kahanamoku is on far right. c. 1915